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The market for dental care in the United States includes a wide range of practices and procedures. The health of the market depends on both demographic trends and the access of patients to services which are widely offered as well as affordable. Practitioners provide two types of services, general and specialized. The services may either be separate or combined in some practices.

General dentistry, which engages 84% of all dentists in the United States, encompasses a wide range of services. Cleaning, filling, preventative care, root canal, and diagnosis and treatment planning are included in the services provided by general dentists. These services are necessary for patients of all ages. Cosmetic dentistry and sealants are also included in this statistic. These are elective and are usually demanded by older adult patients.

Specialized services by, which account for the other 16%, encompasses periodontics, orthodontics and oral surgery. Pediatric dentistry also falls in this general category but may appear as part of preventative care.

Orthodontics and prophylaxis treatment are common in the 5 to 19-years age group. Orthodontics is among the first specialist area created in dentistry. This area is profitable as it binds the patient into a treatment arrangement for up to two years in most cases. Some difficult cases may even need more time.

Demand for these services depends on affordability. In most cases the people who need the service most cannot afford it. They are the ones most affected by periodontal diseases and tooth decay. To cover these expenses they need to have dental insurance or the cash to pay for the service. In many cases, they have neither.

Tooth decay is one of the leading health problems in the United States. Government intervention and increased awareness of oral hygiene should increase demand for the service. Numerous campaigns exist to increase awareness of dental problems and their preventative treatment as a partial solution to the problem of rising medical costs. The more a person visits a dentist regularly, the less likely that person will need expensive restorative services later.

The current trend in the industry is to offer free consultations to entice prospective clients to walk through the door. The assumption is that the clients will then request other services. In fact, performing other paid services is often a condition to enjoy free consultation.

The expectation based on government intervention is for increased activity in the dental market. Approximately 8.7 million more children can expect extensive dental coverage up to 2018. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) seeks to reduce the number of children without dental coverage by 55%. This information gives hope to both patients and practitioners that the market for dental services will continue to expand, and that those services will prove to be more affordable.


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